Justin Etzin

Justin Etzin founded the One Ocean, One Future Foundation with the goal of protecting our fragile oceans for future generations. He is an avid environmentalist and diplomat for the Seychelles. 

Senior Management

Michael Longford

Michael is a member of the Senior Management Team and is responsible for setting policy, agreeing strategy and approving major commitments. He also leads the team responsible for the OOOF Foundation’s marketing strategy, increasing OOOF’s profile and supporter volumes, branding and awareness monitoring. 


Natalie Lefevre is a social media consultant, luxury travel influencer and environmental ambassador. Her Instagram travel brand @Island_Natalie achieves 2-20 million+ impressions per post, and she also curates the popular @Instatravelistz feed (1 million+ impressions). Her solid marketing and media background sets her apart from other influencers, and she is increasingly in demand as a social media expert through her digital marketing agency, and also as a keynote speaker.

Originally from the Seychelles, Natalie Lefevre has worked as a model, TV presenter, and professional singer. She holds a BA in Computer Information Systems and was previously Director of Corporate Affairs at Euronews NBC, where she launched the luxury site Living It and travel site, Wander before branching out into journalism. This path would lead her to becoming one of today’s most sought-after travel influencers, drawing together all her skills, experience and connections to create content with powerful impact.

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Natalie Lefevre


Maria Lash

Community Engagement and Education Manager

William Greenwood

Business Manager

Claire Goode

Partnerships Manager

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